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Our Company Governance

As a fruit and vegetable breeding company, we play an important role in the world’s food supply. Every day, hundreds of millions of people eat vegetables that have been grown from the seeds we supply. This places a great responsibility on our shoulders, and inspires us to keep doing what we do best: developing innovative vegetable varieties with added value for growers, chain partners and consumers.

We do this in harmony with our corporate culture. In 1990, we laid the foundations in what we call the triptych, the full text of which you can read in the Code of Conduct. The keywords are honesty, respect and motivation. Building on this foundation, we want to do the right thing by each other, for and with the people we deal with, and for the world in which we live. These principles apply worldwide.

Our actions will be guided by this Code of Conduct as we continue to build upon the triptych. But the Code of Conduct is not a blueprint or action plan that can be applied directly to every situation. Every context is unique, so we must act with integrity and care in every situation, always respectful of our impact on others. This is at the deepest core of our motto: Sharing a healthy future.