We cannot contribute to the world’s food supply and increase vegetable consumption on our own. Therefore, we are keen to tackle these challenges together with companies, organisations and individuals who share our ambitions. At Rijk Zwaan we treat our customers as partners. We collaborate with all the links in the vegetable chain and also share knowledge and capacity with other companies in the industry, government organisations, knowledge institutes, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Typical of working with Rijk Zwaan

  • Long-term partnership
  • High ethical standards
  • Win-win situations
  • Open communication
  • Personal approach

Story of Spanish producer Cualin Quality

Spanish alternative for tasty mini tomato on the vine in wintertime

Story of Spanish producer Cualin Quality

The production of greenhouse vegetables in Northern Europe drops sharply in the winter, especially in view of today’s high energy prices. Rijk Zwaan actively helps chain partners to think about alternatives. “Together, we are working to find new solutions for supply problems in the marketplace,” says Juan José López, Managing Director of the Spanish producer Cualin Quality.

Story of Cualin Quality