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The environment is a key part of Rijk Zwaan’s sustainable business practices. One way we take care of the environment is by making careful use of resources. For us, this specifically means using appropriate, reliable and durable business resources, and using materials and equipment that enable us to supply high-quality products. We treat business resources with restraint so that they last longer and we avoid superfluous luxury.

Efficient resource use


At Rijk Zwaan, we operate numerous greenhouses for breeding which require a substantial amount of energy. Hence, we prioritise investment in renewables and participate in local ‘green energy’ initiatives.


We assist growers with irrigation strategies, and breed varieties that can cope with drought, heat and salty soils. Rijk Zwaan also offers varieties that are suitable for hydroponic cultivation, which conserves water compared to traditional methods.

Resilient varieties

Rijk Zwaan's disease-resistant varieties align with legislative goals by helping growers to reduce their use of chemical crop protection agents. We also offer a wide range of seeds tailored for organic farming.

Biodiversity is necessary to help tackle future challenges

The environment is of
crucial importance

There is an incredible diversity of wild plants in nature, each with unique traits that could hold the key to tackling new plant diseases, combating stilting, and conquering drought. That is why we work together with gene bank to preserve biodiversity.
Longer shelf life means less waste

waste reduction

Food should be eaten, not thrown away. It sounds simple, yet one third of all food globally is wasted – either during cultivation or the production process, in the supermarket or by consumers. That's why we're looking for plant traits that extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.