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At Rijk Zwaan, people come first. Our top priority is to offer all employees an enjoyable and long-term job. In addition, we focus on long-term relationships with our partners, stakeholders and the people around us. By creating a supportive and inclusive culture, we aim to foster long-term success, sustainability and positive societal impact.

A joint approach is essential

The story of

The World Vegetable Center is striving to tackle poverty and malnutrition in developing countries. How? By boosting the production and consumption of nutritious vegetables in those countries. Arun Joshi, Managing Director of Rijk Zwaan India, explains why Rijk Zwaan is a partner within this project.
People at the center

Our company

Putting people first means that we pursue a people-focused personnel policy. At Rijk Zwaan, we work together. We motivate, help, respect and show interest in each other.