We are Rijk Zwaan

We are a fruit and vegetable breeding company. Every day, millions of people eat fruit and vegetables grown from our seeds.

Rijk Zwaan at a glance

3,900+ employees

in over 30+ countries

30% to R&D

of our annual turnover

25+ crops

over more than 1500 fruit and vegetable varieties

Seeds at the start of the food chain

Rijk Zwaan develops high-quality fruit and vegetable varieties for the professional agri-food sector. As an independent family-owned company, we operate globally in over 100 countries. With more than 25 different crops and over 1,500 varieties, we provide high-quality seeds to growers worldwide. Our aim is to offer a wide range of fruit and vegetable varieties, whether for high-tech greenhouse, protected cultivation or open-field farming.

People first

At Rijk Zwaan, we believe in putting people first. Our company culture plays a key role in everything we do. For us, this means prioritising the well-being and satisfaction of employees, customers, and stakeholders. By creating a supportive and inclusive culture, we aim to foster long-term success and positive societal impact.

People at the center

Our company

Putting people first means that we pursue a people-focused personnel policy. At Rijk Zwaan, we work together. We motivate, help, respect and show interest in each other.

Continuous innovation

Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned international fruit and vegetable breeding company supplying seeds to growers in more than 100 countries.

Research is at our core. We breed future-proof varieties in anticipation of climate change and ever-changing market demands. To accelerate the breeding process and ensure high-quality seeds, we utilise modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital phenotyping, and data-driven breeding. This enables us to breed better, more sustainable varieties with higher yields and natural resistances to plant diseases for growers and chain partners all over the world.

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Solutions and varieties
Breeding a new variety takes between 6 and 16 years of research and development work, which is why we constantly think ahead.
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Corporate Social Responsibility
Our position as an internationally operating fruit and vegetable breeding company pushes us to look beyond borders, and take care of the world around us.