cabbisi™ – the new mini salad cabbage

Healthy! Trendy! Easy! Take it cabbisi™!

cabbisi™ is simply fabulous. It has a mild and crisp taste, a unique nutrient profile, and is the same size as a head of romaine lettuce. It is also simple and fun to prepare – just what modern consumers want.


cabbisi™ is as simple and fresh as lettuce and as healthy as cabbage. Studies prove its added health benefits compared with lettuce: 7.7 times as much vitamin C, 3 times more vitamin B6, 1.5 times more dietary fibres and 2.21 times more natural sweetness! As a result, cabbisi™ satisfied the latest trend of consumer demand for healthy and uncomplicated food.


cabbisi™ offers the following health benefits in a new food trend. The latest offspring of the cabbage family is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants such as glucosinolates. It has the attributes of lettuce that consumers value so highly, making it quick and easy to prepare – no cooking required. cabbisi™ is irresistibly trendy and a guaranteed hit at any social gathering.


Freshness and convenience: The biggest food trend in years. Consumers want maximum health benefits with minimum effort. cabbisi™ combines easy preparation and surprising versatility. Though it is as small as a romaine lettuce, cabbisi™ makes a big impression.

Twice as nice: combination packages

cabbisi™’s nutrient profile makes it the ideal complement to the healthy properties of lettuce. Together, they make a great fitness pairing. Combination packages with lettuce are a new, exciting idea.  Other combinations can inspire your customers to try out new recipes. The cabbisi™ concept – easy to prepare as a salad, wok dish or monk’s bowl – great. Proven benefits!

Cabbisi packaging