Solutions for Growers

We make a significant contribution to improving the sustainability of vegetable production by developing local varieties and increasing yield. The incorporation of resistances to diseases and pests enables growers to reduce their reliance on crop protection agents. Additionally, we play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency of vegetable production techniques. Our offerings include a diverse range of varieties suitable for organic or hydroponic production.

Resistance & Resilience

Plant diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and extreme climate conditions pose significant threats to vegetable production, leading to major production losses. Rijk Zwaan’s R&D teams work tirelessly to address these challenges by incorporating disease resistance through breeding and enhancing varieties' resilience to extreme weather conditions.

Customizing Cultivation

From open-field soil production to vertical farms, cultivation methods vary based on country, conditions, and consumer needs. Specific traits, varieties, and services are tailored to each method and grouped under special product lines for targeted growing approaches.

Precision Breeding

As a breeding company, fine-tuning is in our DNA. For instance, we develop melons with smaller seed cavities for increased profit in processing. Technological advancements guide breeding goals, such as achieving uniform growth in spinach for easier mechanical harvesting.