Beach combines taste and shelf life

An aromatic, flavoursome melon with a extended shelf life: that is the Beach concept. In this new range of Cantaloupe melons Rijk Zwaan has combined characteristics that deliver outstanding flavour and improved shelf life. A Beach melon is the ideal mix of the Western Shipper and Harper types.
That makes the Beach range a perfect solution for growers, retailers and food service companies. Rijk Zwaan introduced the concept at the PMA Fresh Summit in the United States.

Characteristics of Beach varieties

•    aromatic flavour profile of Western Shipper
•    with improved shelf life 
•    bright orange flesh
•    Brix value of 12 or over 
•    clear harvest indicator, they turn golden yellow when ripening 
•    smooth skin with an attractive netted texture
•    small seed cavity 
•    extensive package of disease and pest resistances
•    good productivity

The Beach varieties are an excellent alternative to the traditional Cantaloupes which have a good flavour but only limited shelf life. The up-to-date package of disease and pest resistances gives growers the harvesting reliability they need. Varieties in this line are recognisable by their names ending in Beach.