16 Feb 2015

Leafy innovations attract attention in Spain

From 9th until 13th February, Rijk Zwaan organized its annual International Winter Open Field Days in Spain. On its R&D location in Murcia, Rijk Zwaan presented ten winter crops, over 300 varieties and several innovative production systems to an international crowd.

Salanova and crunchy cos

Among the most popular products in Spain were Salanova Duo Pack and Salanova ‘Lechugas Vivas’ (living fresh lettuce): concepts that perfectly play into the trend of fresh, healthy and convenient products. Other highlights were the crunchy cos concept – a cos lettuce with the crisp and crunchy bite of an Iceberg lettuce – and  a number of new spinach varieties, with resistances to the most recently recognized mildew (Peronospora) strains.

Visitors are looking at the leafy innovations on the demo field in Spain