“We supply MyCubies to supermarkets all year round”

The story of Javier Jiménez Medina

Rijk Zwaan developed and launched its exclusive snack cucumber brand MyCubies® several years ago. The most recent company to start producing MyCubies is SAT Campos de Granada, a specialist in snack vegetables, especially sweet pepper, tomato and cucumber. General Manager Javier Jiménez discusses his experiences during this project and provides insight into the latest consumption habits.

The MyCubies concept is currently built on six partners in Spain and Rijk Zwaan. How is the relationship?

Tremendously good; it is a model of success. The MyCubies brand is supported by a group of production companies. Coordinated by Rijk Zwaan, we collaborate and share technical information in order to all maintain the same quality standards.

Where can we find the MyCubies grown by your company?

Firstly in several British supermarkets and some German ones, such as Edeka and Netto. MyCubies is the best quality snack cucumber. With its appealing flavour and very thin skin, it meets the needs of food retailers who want to introduce innovations in their fresh categories.

Secondly, we have exhibited MyCubies at Fruit Attraction 2018 in Madrid, where we promoted a new commercial packaging concept for three units. We also presented an important innovation: new micro-perforated thermo-sealed plastic packaging. A carefully balanced atmosphere of carbon dioxide and oxygen is maintained inside the pack, ensuring that the MyCubies retain their firmness and freshness for longer.

In your experience, what are consumers and retailers demanding nowadays?

Consumers definitely expect flavour, first of all. That is a precondition. Secondly, snacks are fashionable among consumers. Whether for dieting, health or convenience reasons, consumption of snacks like MyCubies is growing – it is a clear trend. Retailers are demanding stability and year-round programmes. Our MyCubies are grown by specialists: around 16 growers on 20 hectares. The same quality is guaranteed in the supply all year round.

How else is SAT Campos de Granada committed to promoting the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables?

Since 2012 we have been running an exciting project called ‘ComeSano’ which has already enabled us to reach 11,000 children in Granada. This programme consists of talks on nutrition in schools, plus we prepare a healthy breakfast for which we distribute small bags of products – including MyCubies snack cucumbers inside. We also encourage parents to attend, which is essential if we are to transfer the good habit of eating fruit and vegetables into people’s homes. In fact, three years ago we were recognised by the 5 al Día (‘five a day’) association for the relevance of our ‘ComeSano’ initiative.


Interested to learn more about MyCubies? Visit the website: www.mycubies.com