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Salanova® varieties create a premium salad segment in Australia

Salanova®  varieties create a premium salad segment in Australia

Capitalising on the demand for extreme convenience, Rijk Zwaan’s Salanova® mixed butter leaf varieties provide a premium solution to the needs of many consumers. Frances Tolson, Account Manager at Rijk Zwaan Australia, tells more about the unique ‘one cut, ready’ Salanova® lettuce.

Salanova® lettuce in meals and salads

The varieties used, come from vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan and typically contain a mix of red Salanova® butter leaves (also known as purple butter) and green Salanova® butter varieties. This product has been decades in the making with similar butter blend products and now these amazing butter blends are available across all of the major Australian supermarkets.

Salanova butter

Chain collaboration

Launching these products for the Australian consumer is an example of a Rijk Zwaan Australia’s whole-of-chain approach. This starts with our Research and Development (R&D) team to select varieties for our customers suitable for various seasons and leaves that are flexible enough to tolerate processing, while also being convenient and enjoyable for the consumer.

Frances at Bacchus Marsh

Premium salad segment

Account Manager, Frances Tolson from Rijk Zwaan commented “From the outset, we wanted to ensure there was consumer demand for these leaves. We undertook our own independent research, which confirmed that consumers were looking for more mixes with quality lettuce leaves and the Salanova® green and red butter varieties were certainly amongst the favourites. The research results gave us the confidence to share the opportunity that these special leaves could create.”

Salanova lettuce

Freshness and flavour

Today this product is thriving on the supermarket shelves. Sydney renowned Chef, Brendan Cato of The Farmed Table, hosted an event featuring Salanova® lettuce mixes and stated “I love the freshness and flavour of the Salanova butter lettuce. It’s pretty amazing and exciting for the future of salads!”

Salanova green butter

Advantages for the consumer

The extreme convenience provided to consumers with quality salad leaves such as the Salanova® Butter varieties, is a testament to the efforts of the entire Rijk Zwaan team and our partners in the supply chain. We are thrilled that consumers can enjoy these wonderful sweet and soft, lettuce salad leaves every day. Fast, healthy and delicious!

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