The story of José

"The right partner to grow with"


José Nelson Mallmann (center of picture) is the owner of Mallmann Tomates which is situated in Mogi Guacu, about 160km from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company cultivates around 600 hectares of open-field tomatoes as well as 4 hectares of grape tomatoes in greenhouses.


“Our main objective is to distinguish ourselves in the market with a high-quality product for a fair price. It can be a challenge, because growing outdoor vegetables in Brazil is very dependent on the climate and the crops are exposed to a high risk of diseases. Although we have significant variation in terms of our locations, we mainly have to deal with tropical conditions characterised by wet summers and dry winters.”

More than just seeds

“Varieties play an important role in helping us to cope with these circumstances. We do a lot of trials to find suitable varieties. Being in close contact with breeding companies gives us the possibility to stay ahead of the market. Our partnership with Rijk Zwaan is a good example of how this can work. They keep us informed about their assortment and involve us closely in their work.”

“Recently they even invited us on a trip to Europe. They took us to their head office in the Netherlands and their demo fields in Spain, as well as to their new Retail Center in Germany. We could clearly see that their work goes further than just supplying high-quality seeds. At Rijk Zwaan they also have a lot of knowledge about international marketing concepts and which products appeal to consumers.”

Challenges ahead

“We also appreciate their way of working. We find it important to be honest and transparent with our business partners, in order to understand each other’s difficulties and needs so that we can trust one another. As Rijk Zwaan have the same business ethics, we see them as the right partner to grow with. They can support us through the great challenges ahead of us, such as labour shortages and the challenge to produce open-field crops in unfavourable climate conditions.”

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