The story of Ron

‘A perfect fit with the growing awareness of healthy eating’

As a Senior Grower for Windset Farms in Canada, Ron Moes has the ambition to produce the tastiest, top-quality vegetables all year round. Together with Rijk Zwaan, his company wants to put the mini cucumber on the map as a perfect ingredient for a healthier diet.

Crunchy bite

“Around eight years ago we spotted an opportunity in the market for a smaller snacking cucumber. Rijk Zwaan presented us with what we deemed to be the best variety at the time: Picowell RZ. It has an attractive dark-green exterior, excellent flavour and a crunchy bite. Moreover, it is a very productive variety, which means happy growers.”

Improved varieties

“Whenever someone buys our cucumbers, the taste and texture must be perfect. We try to maintain consistent sizing, green colour and a straight shape. Rijk Zwaan helps us by providing expert technical advice along with its varieties; we receive support from an entire team. The team also helps us to find new, improved varieties that fit our needs. We still grow Picowell but have added Bonwell RZ because of its resistance to powdery mildew and green mottle.”

High quality

“The mini cucumber is now wholeheartedly accepted in our market. Consumers appreciate its handy size which works well for smaller families and produces minimum waste. Plus, of course, this vegetable is a good fit with the growing awareness of healthy eating. Over the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in demand. Together with Rijk Zwaan, our challenge will be to continue to meet this demand with a high-quality product.”