FUDI Foundation

Horticultural knowledge centre in Guatemala

Utz Samaj, a FUDI programme, is aimed at stimulating small businesses and above all young people to grow vegetables professionally. Rijk Zwaan has been supporting Utz Samaj for more than 15 years. COS supplies the college with seeds for use in the greenhouses, and our employees from Guatemala teach classes there.

Committee for Development Cooperation

The Rijk Zwaan Committee for Development Cooperation is involved in development work, with a focus on sharing our knowledge about vegetable farming. We work together with local organisations to provide technical advice and support to farmers and growers in developing countries. Our aim is to stimulate vegetable consumption within families and communities, and to help farmers to improve their income position. 

Are you interested in the development projects and initiatives we support? Have a look at www.rijkzwaan.com/development-projects