Responding to a changing market

Asia Fruit Logistica 2020

Research by Rijk Zwaan reveals: Sales channels have changed permanently

The coronavirus outbreak appears to be reinforcing four key consumer trends in particular. At Asia Fruit Logistica ON 2020, Rijk Zwaan will be sharing details of solutions that respond to those trends. Together, we can inspire consumers in this changing market.

Responding to a changing market

Consumers both in Asia and worldwide are making new and different choices. They are buying their groceries through alternative sales channels such as online and home-delivery services, they are consciously opting for more fresh and healthy food and they are doing more home cooking. There is also a clear trend towards localism, which is shortening the supply chains between producers and consumers.

To capitalise on these opportunities together with the sector as a whole, Rijk Zwaan is presenting the following solutions:

Salanova Teenleaf Hydroponics

Vertical farming and Salanova® Teenleaf

Fresh and healthy lettuce can now be produced more efficiently and closer to consumers than ever. Signify/Philips Lighting and vegetable breeder Rijk Zwaan explored the best combination of lettuce varieties and cultivation strategies. The result? An efficient method for the production and processing of fresh-cut salads blends such as Salanova® Teenleaf.
Join the Asia Fruit Congress on 17 November 2020, where Rijk Zwaan and Signify will jointly present this solution, called ‘Green future: new production models’. The presentation will also highlight successful local initiatives that supply sustainable, healthy and food-safe leafy greens to the Asian market.
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Asian Jewel Melon

‘Asian Jewels’ melons

Another answer to the growing demand for fresh and healthy food is our Asian Jewels range of three different high-quality melon types for the premium market. The first is Golden Emerald, an attractive golden-coloured melon that combines a sweet flavour with a good shelf life, both of which are important advantages in the online grocery channel. The second is the silky-soft Silky Pearl with its firm bite and exquisite sweetness. The third is Silver Coral, which is a well-known type in Asia.

SN!BS snack category

Our new snack category SN!BS responds to the growing market for healthy snacking both at home and on the go. It has been developed based on extensive taste testing and consumer research results. SN!BS can inspire retailers and traders in Asia to drive further growth of the snack category and help consumers make healthy choices. For more information visit SN!BS

Love my Salad

Home cooking is clearly an important trend. Consumers everywhere, including in Asia, are re-prioritising the role that eating at home plays in their lives. One consequence of this has been a steep rise in the number of people visiting our Love my Salad social media platform. Consumers want to be inspired by new recipes featuring healthy vegetables in the starring role. Are you keen to join forces and set up social media campaigns together with our Love my Salad platform? We can show you some successful examples. Here you can find a few home cooking examples.  

Tomato diversification

Colour is another way we inspire consumers. It is an important consideration when the Rijk Zwaan breeders are developing new tomato varieties. Attractive colours enable chain partners to offer premium products that inspire consumers and entice them to buy, whether in store or online.

Sweet Palermo®

At Rijk Zwaan we have further developed Sweet Palermo®, our pointed pepper brand. Thanks to even more flavour, versatility and convenience, these outstanding sweet peppers can offer consumers a twist on traditional dishes when cooking at home. For more information visit Sweet Palermo.

Wok cucumber

Cooking at home is even more fun thanks to the Wokcue cucumber variety that lends itself very well as an ingredient in Asian stir-fry dishes.

Are you interested in hearing about other inspiring and innovative concepts? We are looking forward to meeting you online at Asia Fruit Logistica ON.

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