The story of Scott and Ali

“Putting vegetables back on the menu”

As the result of growing urbanisation and economic development, Indonesians are consuming fewer vegetables in favour of fast food and processed products. Convenience is a decisive factor. Producer and distributor Pluit Cold Storage and retailer Ranchmarket are on a mission: to capitalise on the desire for convenience while putting vegetables back on the menu.


Scott Martin, General Manager of Pluit Cold Storage: “Salads only take a few minutes to prepare and can help to put the fun back into eating fresh vegetables. That’s why the crops we produce include lettuce, tomatoes, basil, aubergines, courgettes and peppers, but also Sweet Palermo. The bell pepper is not yet well known in Indonesia, but in collaboration with Rijk Zwaan and Ranchmarket we are gearing up to develop the market.

Sweet Palermo is a premium product that is easy to cultivate and also has a very good yield. We produce, pack and distribute all our products under the Highland Vegetables name. Hotels and markets are important customers, but we primarily supply to major retailers such as Ranchmarket.”

Top-quality vegetables

Ali Wijaya, Head of Merchandise at Ranchmarket: “We were immediately open to the idea of running a pilot with Sweet Palermo. Its flavour, appearance and shelf life are all very good. We are focused on top-quality grocery products and especially on fresh food such as meat, fish and produce. That’s why we like working together with Rijk Zwaan. Their products are a good fit with Ranchmarket.”

Good partnership

“The collaboration with Rijk Zwaan and Pluit Cold Storage is very important for a regular supply from the producer", Wijaya continues. "Furthermore, we particularly value the fact that, as the seed company, Rijk Zwaan supports both the grower and us right through to in-store promotion, such as with product displays, a packaging concept and a special website. We hope that Sweet Palermo will become more popular in the future and will continue to inform consumers about this and any other new vegetables.”


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