The Story about SN!BS India

‘SN!BS is a small step towards a healthier future in India’


Snack vegetables are a completely new concept for them, but consumers in India regard the SN!BS snack vegetables as attractive, colourful and healthy. At the start of this year, hypermarket chain SPAR introduced the brand from vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan in four of its stores in Bangalore – with immediate success. SN!BS can contribute to a healthier future for the nation’s consumers according to Venkatareddy TG, Business Head Fruit & Vegetables at SPAR India.

SN!BS India

Spar India

Spar India is a large hypermarket chain with around 24 stores across nine cities. It is the result of a strategic partnership between Dubai-based Landmark Group and SPAR International in Amsterdam. “Our focus is on exclusive offers and the best prices. We make sure that our customers feel spoilt for choice by offering them a wide range of products,” says Venkatareddy.



Capitalising on the snacking trend with SN!BS

SPAR added SN!BS-branded snack vegetables to its range in early 2021. “Snacking is a growing trend around the world and India is no exception. Consumers are increasingly eating snacks instead of meals. The SN!BS brand enables us to offer our customers something different: surprising, attractive, fresh and healthy vegetable snacks. Additionally, these snack vegetables have a longer shelf life which helps to reduce store losses,” explains Venkatareddy.

SPAR has created various mixes of snack tomatoes, snack peppers and snack cucumbers in red, yellow, orange and green colour combinations. “Consumer feedback has been very positive. The colour contrast is very attractive and stimulates impulse buys. And the specially designed SN!BS packaging certainly helps too.”



Close collaboration during the launch

Venkatareddy worked closely with Ajit Bisoi, Chain Manager at Rijk Zwaan India, on this introduction and he values the good teamwork with the vegetable breeding company. “Ajit has a lot of experience in the fruit & vegetable category. He really helped us to understand the SN!BS concept, such as the design, nutritional values and the positioning of the products within SPAR. He also supported our in-store sampling activities to attract the customers.”

Venkatareddy is confident that snack vegetables will be a success in India. “This is a unique concept that is aligned with the trends of snacking and healthy eating. We plan to expand our marketing activities, such as by organising roadshows, and we’re also working on the consistency of supply. Rijk Zwaan India is actively looking for suitable growers for us. This successful partnership with Rijk Zwaan can be a small step towards a healthier India.”