The story of Ubiraci

‘Mini cucumbers for healthy snacking’

Ubiraci Fernandes is director of Cia do Produtor in Rio de Janeiro, one of the first companies working with Snackpep, the mini cucumber brand for the Brazilian market. He is keen to safeguard the quality of the snack cucumbers and to help customers to eat – and in particular to snack – more healthily.

Safeguard quality

“Rijk Zwaan is working with established companies to safeguard quality and build the Snackpep brand together. In partnership with Rijk Zwaan, we ensure that the growers receive all the technical and marketing support they need.”


Enthusiastic response

“This partnership enables us to achieve the best possible quality in terms of production, packaging, transport and hence shelf life. When we presented the Snackpep brand recently the market responded very enthusiastic, especially about the product’s surprisingly crunchy bite, its colour and the convenience it offers. Thanks to the network of approved growers, a number of supermarkets are already selling the Snackpep.”

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