15 Aug 2019

Rijk Zwaan to launch new tasty melons ‘Asian Jewels’ at Asia Fruit Logistica

‘Asian Jewels’ is a new range of tasty melons that Rijk Zwaan has specially selected for the Asian market. The vegetable breeding company is launching the new high-quality melon types at Asia Fruit Logistica. Asian Jewels is not the only innovation Rijk Zwaan will be presenting at the event; a new snack brand for the growing market for healthy snacks will be introduced.

This will be the 13th year that Rijk Zwaan has exhibited at this important trade show, which is being held from 4-6 September in Hong Kong. Just like last year the company’s stand will display a broad choice of snack vegetables, including snack tomatoes, mini cucumbers, mini peppers and many other vegetables.

Consumers both within Asia and beyond are increasingly opting for snack vegetables to give their day a healthy boost. The new brand, is ideal for snacking occasions throughout the day, such as at school, in the car or at the airport. The concept can inspire retailers and food service businesses to further develop this category in partnership with Rijk Zwaan.

Asian Jewels

Rijk Zwaan is also proudly presenting another innovation at Asia Fruit Logistica: ‘Asians Jewels’, a range of three different high-quality melon types for the premium market. The first is Golden Emerald, an attractive golden-coloured melon that combines a sweet flavour with a good shelf life. The second is the silky-soft Silky Pearl with its firm bite and exquisite sweetness. The third is Silver Coral, which is a well-known type in Asia. It has distinct netting on the outside and is extremely juicy on the inside. These green and orange melons are the perfect combination to meet the high expectations of Asian consumers.

Partner in category management

During the event, the vegetable breeding company is looking forward to meeting Asian chain partners to discuss ways of further developing the fresh produce category. The company shares findings from its taste testing and consumer research with growers, vegetable processors and retailers, and plays an active role in category management, positioning, promotion and packaging design. Guided by its vision of ‘Sharing a healthy future’, Rijk Zwaan is committed to further developing the market for vegetables through collaborative partnerships.

Customers, business contacts and representatives of the press are invited to visit Rijk Zwaan at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hall 5, stand T08. Read more about the event.