07 Feb 2022

Rijk Zwaan’s Defense label combines healthy produce with peace of mind

The growing world population and the intensification of both agriculture and horticulture are inextricably linked, creating major challenges for growers. Not only do they need to manage the increasing demand for high-quality and sustainable produce, but they are also responsible for limiting the frequency and intensity of plant disease. With the Defense label, Rijk Zwaan offers growers worldwide a solution that combines healthy produce with peace of mind. This is yet another example of how Rijk Zwaan works with the industry to tackle challenges together, as partners.

Defense label provides innovative and unique resistances

Rijk Zwaan’s extensive R&D programme focuses on the development of resistances in the genetics of crops for protected and open-field cultivation. These new and unique resistances are indicated by the Defense label, which makes it immediately clear to growers that these varieties are the best possible solution for certain problematic plant diseases.

Benefits of Defense label

The Defense label enables growers and their chain partners to benefit from a reliable and sustainable yield of healthy, high-quality produce thanks to three main advantages. First, less crop protection is needed because the Defense label supports optimised integrated pest management, which not only reduces costs, but also improves sustainability. Second, food security can be safeguarded thanks to production stability and waste reduction. Last but not least, the Defense label means that the crop stays healthier and therefore requires less labour, resulting in a better working environment. All these benefits combined, give growers more peace of mind during the cultivation process.

The Defense label assortment

As a vegetable breeding company, our primary goal is to eliminate as many crop cultivation-related concerns as possible. Therefore, we are continuously working to develop new, innovative and unique resistances against common and problematic plant diseases as the basis for offering growers new concepts and solutions. We are very proud that the following resistances are already part of our Defense label assortment:

  • Delhi Defense: New Delhi virus resistance in squash and cucumber
  • For Defense: Fusarium resistance in cucumber
  • Bon Defense: Mosaic virus (CGMMV) resistance in cucumber
  • Lt Defense: Levejllula taurica (Lt) resistance in pepper
  • Ag Defense: Aphid Gossypii (Ag) resistance in Melon

More information about the Defense label

The Defense label is not only the best product for growers, but also for their employees, customers and consumers. If you would like to receive more information about our Defense label, please contact your local representative or Joost van Veen, Specialist Marketing Open Field. Or read more on our Defense solution page.