28 Jan 2022

Palermo Ramsey RZ: a new valuable addition to the Sweet Palermo family

Continually breeding healthy and strong vegetable varieties is Rijk Zwaan’s core business. Each year, the company reinvests a substantial part of its turnover into R&D in order to continuously develop new and improved varieties for its chain partners. Sweet Palermo sweet pointed pepper varieties are a good example of these development activities.

Last year, we conducted extensive trials with a new sweet pointed pepper variety which was referred to as 35-DR1386 during the trial phase. The results of these trials were so good that it was decided to give the variety an official name: ‘Palermo Ramsey RZ’.

Palermo Ramsey set itself apart in terms of taste

“One of the most important traits of this new variety is the delicious and distinct taste which consumers have come to expect from Sweet Palermo sweet pointed peppers,” says Erwin Weerheim, account manager and crop specialist at Rijk Zwaan. “Palermo Ramsey really is at the top level in terms of taste and this clearly sets it apart from other sweet pointed pepper varieties. And this is not just my own opinion; extensive taste tests have produced similar findings.

Besides the excellent flavour, this variety has an average fruit weight of around 100 grams and is also characterised by its earliness and the very vigorous nature of the plant. Last but not least, Palermo Ramsey has a comprehensive package of important resistances including Tm:0-3 and TSWV:0. The variety is being grown on about 8 hectares this year.”

Interested in Palermo Ramsey?

If you are interested in producing Palermo Ramsey, please contact Erwin Weerheim or Heleen van Rijn-Wassenaar. If you would like more information about Sweet Palermo in general, take a look at our Sweet Palermo page.