03 Jun 2019

Limagrain and Rijk Zwaan announce licensing deal on traits in vegetables

Limagrain, through its listed company Vilmorin & Cie, and Rijk Zwaan have signed an agreement for the exchange of non-exclusive licenses for patented traits in vegetables. This exchange will enable the two vegetable breeding companies to strengthen their innovative capacities and introduce improved varieties more quickly.

Under the agreement, the parties provide each other the right to use plant material that falls under the scope of several of their patents for both breeding and commercial purposes in vegetables. The agreement thus increases the possibilities for both companies to develop new and improved vegetable varieties by making use of each other’s innovations. The agreement establishes a full breeders’ exemption between the parties for such patents, as exists under the worldwide plant breeders’ right system.

International Licensing Platform

Limagrain and Rijk Zwaan are both members of the International Licensing Platform (ILP). This platform makes vegetable-related innovations widely available to breeders through an open access approach that offers members access to patents on traits under fair and reasonable conditions. The ILP has 13 members and is open for new seed companies and public research institutes to join. With this agreement Limagrain and Rijk Zwaan are taking a step forward in open innovation.

Franck Berger, VP for Vegetable Seeds of Limagrain: “We are pleased with this agreement that will allow both companies to benefit from their respective innovations, so to bring better varieties to the growers and consumers”.

Ben Tax, director of Rijk Zwaan: “This agreement is a great step in our way to open innovation. It is good for both companies and for our customers who can optimally benefit from the many innovations that come from the two R&D teams”.

About Limagrain

The fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative group founded and managed by French farmers. As a creator and producer of plant varieties, Limagrain distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products. Limagrain is present in 56 countries and has more than 10,000 employees.

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About Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan develops vegetable varieties and sells the seeds produced from them in more than 100 countries. The independent family-run company is among the top five in the global vegetable seed market and is characterized by a people-focused approach. More than 3,000 employees in over 30 countries work enthusiastically to provide products and services that add value for the market. The company headquarters is based in De Lier in the Netherlands.