03 Oct 2018

KnoxTM and KnoxTM Core Product of the Year at Polish Fresh Market

Knox™ and Knox™ Core have won an award during the Fresh Market 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. On 27 September, the prize for Product of the Year 2018 was awarded to Knox. An honorable prize for the innovation that Rijk Zwaan introduced in 2016, during the Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

Slow discoloration

Knox™ is a trait in lettuce that slows discoloration of cut edges. It is a major breakthrough for processing companies and retail in particular, as it reduces waste and improves the product experience for consumers. With Knox™ it is no longer necessary to package lettuce in reduced-oxygen packaging, which gives the lettuce a fresher scent when the package is opened. Packaging cost is also considerably lower.

Knox™ Core is a trait that slows discoloration of the cut edge of a head of lettuce. The head will appear fresh for a longer time.


Fresh Market is a Polish horticulture fair for suppliers and buyers of vegetables, fruit, and flowers. This one-day fair is aimed strongly at creating many relevant, personal contacts and at the exchange of knowledge.

For more information on Knox™, please visit www.rijkzwaan.com/solutions/knox.