22 Jan 2020

Innovation in the salad category with mini salad cabbage Cabbisi™

There is good news for all who love salad and like to eat healthy. At the Fruit Logistica 5-7 February, vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan presents its Cabbisi™ concept that has been launched last year. Cabbisi™, the mini salad cabbage, is the healthy innovation in the salad category and has many potential to become a consumer’s favourite!

Cabbisi™ is simply fabulous. It has a mild and crisp taste, a unique nutrient profile and is the same size as a head of cos lettuce. It is also simple and fun to prepare – just what modern consumers want. “Cabbisi™ has potential to become a consumer’s favourite! The mini salad cabbage is an innovative product and because of the balanced mild and sweet taste, an added value to the family of brassica varieties”, says Michael Sempf, Project Leader Open Field at Rijk Zwaan.


The latest offspring of the cabbage family is rich in vitamin K and antioxidants such as glucosinolates. It has the attributes of lettuce that consumers value so highly, making it quick and easy to prepare – no cooking required. Cabbisi™ is irresistibly trendy and a guaranteed hit at any social gathering.


Cabbisi™ is as simple and fresh as lettuce and as healthy as cabbage. As a result, Cabbisi™ is in line with the latest consumer trend towards healthy and easily prepared food.


Freshness and convenience are the biggest food trend in years. Consumers want maximum health benefits with minimum effort. Cabbisi™ combines easy preparation and surprising versatility. Though it is as small as a cos lettuce, Cabbisi™ makes a big impression.

Twice as nice: combination packages

Its nutrient profile makes Cabbisi™ the ideal complement to the healthy properties of lettuce. Together, they make a great fitness pair. Combination packages with lettuce are a new, exciting idea.  Other combinations can inspire your customers to try out new recipes. The Cabbisi™ concept – easy to prepare as a salad, wok dish or poke bowl – offers you numerous benefits.

“During the Fruit Logistica we hope to speak with growers and retailers, who are interested in this concept and keen to bring Cabbisi™ into their business.” Collaboration with partners is also aimed at achieving more impact in the chain, as underlined by the company’s theme for the trade fair: ‘Stronger together’.                                                                              

If you are interested in becoming ‘Stronger together’ with Rijk Zwaan for a healthy future, visit the company’s stand in Hall 1.2, D-04:  www.rijkzwaan.com/meet-us/fruit-logistica-2020

mini salad cabbage Cabbisi