24 Oct 2018

Boosting categories at Fruit Attraction 2018

This week Rijk Zwaan is present at Fruit Attraction, stand 9D12, presenting new concepts and developments with a special attention for the applicability within the chain.

The successful Sweet Palermo is again present, but this Fruit Attraction also in a wide range of applications following the ready-to-eat trend. Sweet Palermo answers the consumer’s demand for convenience products that bring health and nutrition in easy dishes, being the main ingredient due to its unique flavour. In cooperation with partners, Rijk Zwaan developed various products made of Sweet Palermo: 

  • Fresh Gazpacho elaborated with Sweet Palermo, from Biosabor 
  • Red Sweet Palermo Hummus, from La GergaleƱa 
  • Pate of Sweet Palermo, from Surinver 
  • Sweet Palermo Dehydrated Buen oh!, from Unica Group 
  • Sweet Palermo Sticks 

Furthermore, the Sweet Palermo range extends with a new colour. The chocolate Sweet Palermo is as sweet as other Sweet Palermo varieties and especially in colour combination packs, it is a welcome addition to the assortment. 

The versatility of Sweet Palermo will be shown in a unique way during this Fruit Attraction. Visitors can join the campaign The Sweet Effect by following a tour along the stands of the 19 Sweet Palermo Grower Group-members, both organic and conventional. All partners present Sweet Palermo in a unique way and visitors are able to taste different preparations. 

Snack is booming

Snacks, raw product and the consumption of fresh products at any time of the day is a current trend. Rijk Zwaan shows Snack Lettuce, the snack-sized lettuce especially developed for warm preparation, keeping its firm and crunchy bite. The lettuce spoon is tasty and sweet and brings new solutions and possibilities to the modern cuisine. An additional advantage of Snack Lettuce is the reduction of plastic, when using it as an edible cup. 

In cooperation with trading companies, such as: El Dulze, Jimbo Fresh, Fruca and Comfresh, Rijk Zwaan promotes Snack Lettuce with the campaign ‘The best of your dishes… the spoon’. With #Eatthespoon, visitors will be able to take original selfies and share it on social media. 

Other snack innovations that are presented at Fruit Attraction are 

  • MyCubies, presented in a new 3 units bag packaging
  • Cabbisi, the new mini pointed cabbage as alternative main ingredient for salads
  • Elfy, a delicious and crunchy mini celery which is more convenient due to its smaller size 

Enhancing categories

The traditional bean market is being modernized with Greentense™. This darker coloured bean with an exceptional flavour offers finally a new option towards consumers. The cucumber category has a new addition as well with the introduction of the Asian cucumber. The spiny skin is especially suitable for stir-frying, keeping its flavour, texture and firmness after preparation. 

Interested? Visit Rijk Zwaan until 25 October at Fruit Attraction, stand 9D12.