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The global demand for organic vegetables is growing, bringing additional challenges. Fortunately, you don’t have to face them alone; you can leverage Rijk Zwaan’s expertise. Together, we strengthen our efforts for better-quality, reliable, and higher-yielding organic crops.

Organic benefits


Organic growth demands specialized knowledge, and we excel in providing the expertise required for healthy and profitable outcomes. By sharing our extensive experience and insights with growers, we empower them to navigate and overcome the unique challenges in organic production.


Our focus on quality guides us in everything we do. Setting the bar high enables us to truly innovate and to guarantee sustainable growth of our organic solutions.


In our mission, we prioritize close collaboration, investing consistently in strong relationships with you and you partners across the entire fresh supply chain. This collective effort drives not only individual growers but also advances the organic sector as a whole.

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Our organic seed portfolio currently comprises 19 crops and more than 400 varieties. In our catalogue you will find information about fruit crops, open field varieties and experiences of growers, traders and retail partners.

The organic way of life

Healthy growth in organic farming

The global demand for organic vegetables is growing and that places extra demands on you. The challenges in the market lead to specific requests for high-quality vegetable seeds, market knowledge and a strong and cooperative network within the chain. Are you looking for the latest market information, keen to cooperate with an international network of chain partners or looking for the best quality varieties for your business? We’re happy to help.

Our strong organic vegetable portfolio

When expanding our organic range, our focus is on quality. We introduce top-class seeds specifically for the organic food market. All these varieties have in common that they have strong resistances combined with a good yield. Besides, the organic varieties have been bred for a broad spectrum of local farming situations, attracting consumers thanks to their distinctive shape, visual appeal and/or flavour. Our organic vegetable portfolio enables you as an organic farmer to profitably capitalise on the growing demand for such products, with a crop that always meets your requirements.

Recent organic news

These new organic varieties help cucumber and pepper growers to face the future
Thanks to combining both endurance and high production with extensive resistances, Rijk Zwaan’s organic cucumber and pepper varieties are perfect aligned with growers’ needs. The company has produced two leaflets containing an overview of all its organic – and, for some segments, non-chemically treated – varieties. Here, Crop Specialists John Verbruggen, Florian Friedrich and Johannes Van Megen discuss their personal favourites, including some newcomers.
German organic growers tackle challenges by innovating
German organic growers tackle challenges by innovating
Organic cultivation has a long tradition in Germany. Fresh organic vegetables have a 9.9% market share there, which is one of the highest in Europe. Like elsewhere, German growers face increasing labour costs and climate change-related issues, but innovations are helping them to cope with these challenges. Eckhard Schaal, a Rijk Zwaan sales representative, reflects on the developments in the German organic market and explains how his team supports the country’s growers.
Relationships are the key to success for Austrian family business Achleitner
With organic production accounting for 25% of all farming in Austria, the country currently leads the way in Europe. Biohof Achleitner, based in the Austrian town of Eferding, is one example of a family business that has been successfully supplying consumers with organic fruits and vegetables for more than 30 years. The keys ingredients in its success? A fair and sustainable approach to growing with minimal waste, close relationships with customers, employees and other organic growers, and home deliveries.

Inspiring stories
from the organic sector

Love My Salad – Rijk Zwaan’s consumer platform – and Heleen Bos, Rijk Zwaan Specialist Marketing Organics spoke to Broadward Hall Farm, an organic vegetable company. It is their mission to help organic growers throughout Europe to share their inspiring stories.
I would love to give you more information about Organic
I would love to give you more information about Organic
Heleen Bos
Marketing specialist Organics / Foreign Development Projects