02 Apr 2015

Another new season gets underway for Trial Center Tomato

On 1 April the Trial Center Tomato in Kwintsheul reopened its doors to visitors for another new season. Rijk Zwaan has further developed its tomato range in all segments and is keen to give people the opportunity to view its existing and new varieties alike.

More than 20 new varieties

“The Trial Center Tomato is 100% ready for the new season,” says Maarten van der Leeden, Account Manager at Rijk Zwaan. “This year, we have more than 20 new varieties in the demo. The data from those varieties has been compared against the standard varieties in all segments, from snack tomatoes to beef tomatoes, and we're keen to share that information with visitors.”

Colourful display

“The diversity in our assortment is increasing year on year, and the Trial Center Tomato is a unique location which enables us to demonstrate that diversity to partners from throughout the entire chain. The newcomers this year include a number of small yellow and orange tomatoes in various forms. Our concept behind these cheerful colours is that each colour has its own recognisable taste profile. We hope that this will offer our partners additional marketing opportunities,” he explains.

“Just like last year, visitors can also assess aubergines, cucumbers and peppers in the presentation area,” continues Maarten. “This gives growers, retailers and other interested chain partners a true impression of these crops, making it a particularly effective combination for international visitors.”

Schedule an appointment

To make an appointment at the Trial Center Tomato, please contact your Rijk Zwaan account manager or the secretarial department at Rijk Zwaan in The Netherlands.

Trial Center Tomato Kwintsheul is ready for new season