Examples of communication activities in Australia, Guatemala, Spain and Hungary

Staying connected to help partners in the vegetable chain

Rijk Zwaan Stronger Together

Our teams are doing their utmost to keep the day-to-day activities running smoothly and stay connected with growers and many other business partners. We are embracing every opportunity to continue our support through effective online communication, but we’re staying connected in a one-to-one manner offline as well. Here are examples of our communication activities in Australia, Guatemala, Spain and Hungary.

Rijk Zwaan Stronger Together

Providing samples of new tasty melon varieties in Australia

Despite the cancellation of the Australian Melon Conference & Field Day, which was due to be held in Western Australia this year, field trials of Rijk Zwaan’s newest melon varieties have continued. Lachlan Grierson explains how we are keeping customers informed in Australia: “Our team of crop specialists and local sales representatives will contact growers personally to talk about their variety choices. As well as discussing practical insights and information about growing techniques, they will also send samples of today’s best-tasting melons to them at home.” Read the news item on Rijk Zwaan’s Australian website and watch the video in which Lachlan personally presents Rijk Zwaan’s four newest melons at the field trial.

Rijk Zwaan Stronger Together

Live broadcasts in Guatemala

In February of this year, the team at Rijk Zwaan Guatemala started with Facebook Live to enable growers from various countries in South and Central America to watch live broadcasts. There have already been several sessions focussing on crop management in tomatoes and peppers, organic crop protection and fertilisation. In the live Facebook broadcast on 13 May 2020, Francisco García told growers more about integrated pest management in greenhouses. “About a hundred growers joined us for the live broadcast. We presented the newest insights on integrated crop management and provided practical advice on how to implement it in their greenhouses. The reactions were very positive and we received quite a lot of questions.” Are you interested in joining the next live broadcast? Follow the Facebook page of Rijk Zwaan Guatemala to stay up to date.

Rijk Zwaan Stronger Together

A digital platform

Rijk Zwaan Ibérica recently launched a brand new website that digitally showcases our latest tomato, courgette, cucumber, pepper and green beans varieties for Spanish customers. The platform aims to connect and interact with growers and other professionals in the horticulture sector in a simple agile way. Are you interested in our newest innovations for the Spanish market and do you want to join our platform? Have a look at https://innovamosjuntos.es/ or visit the YouTube channel of Innovamos Juntos Rijk Zwaan.

Rijk Zwaan Stronger Together

Beautiful peppers in Hungary

Our Hungarian Crop Specialists and Sales Representatives Lóránt Skultéti and Tibor Tornyai highlight our peppers, that have been selected for the Hungarian market, in this video. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to get an insight into the greenhouse at our research station Felgyő (Hungary). Are you interested? Please have a look at the video or visit the YouTube channel of Rijk Zwaan Budapest for more videos. On 25 May they will organise a live broadcast via Facebook, in which they share technical advice and answer questions of participants.

Stronger Together

We are committed to supporting growers and partners in today’s dynamic fruit & vegetable market. For more news and updates, visit www.rijkzwaan.com/stronger-together