The story of Christian and Jamie

Reddery RZ: “One bite and the consumer is hooked”

Reddery RZ

With its unique taste, crunchy bite and visual appeal, Reddery RZ is the perfect cherry tomato in the premium segment. Reddery RZ offers advantages for growers too: a high yield, strong against splitting fruits, a uniform plant and suitable for harvesting on the vine as well as loose. Growers Jamie Moracci (Pure Flavor®) and Christian Zeiler (Zeiler) produced Reddery RZ for the first time in 2019. They share their experiences here.

Christian Zeiler

Tasty and crunchy bite

“We wanted a tasty cherry tomato variety with a good bite. We soon decided on Reddery RZ, because it is suitable for loose harvesting and has a nice truss shape,” says Christian Zeiler, managing director at tomato production company Zeiler in Austria. “We tried Reddery RZ for the first time in 2019 and we had a successful year with this variety.”

Jamie Moracci

Market results

“Reddery RZ stands out from the other cherry tomatoes in the premium segment. The major benefit for us as a grower is the consistency in product quality, both in terms of flavour and presentation on the vine,” comments Jamie Moracci, co-founder and President of Pure Flavor®. This major American grower created a new brand called ‘RedRoyals’ for the Reddery RZ tomato. Moracci notes that the cherry tomato has already become a firm favourite with consumers: “Consumers quickly fall in love with this variety; one bite and they’re hooked! The stylish packaging attracts their attention and then the flavour generates the repeat sale.” Zeiler has developed an own brand for Reddery RZ too: “The name Süße Sophie says it all; this is the sweetest tomato in our segment.”

Advantages for retailers

“The shelf life of Reddery came as a big, pleasant surprise. In fact, the fruit shape, the taste and the crunchiness all remain perfect after harvesting!” adds Zeiler. Pure Flavor® positions its ‘RedRoyals’ as cherry tomatoes that are a worthy complement to every eating occasion, from a bite-sized snack or salad ingredient to roasted or grilled and served with your favourite meal. Thanks to the versatility of Reddery RZ, this cherry tomato can be positioned in the market in many different ways.

Reddery RZ at Fruit Logistica

Anyone who is interested in Rijk Zwaan’s newest cherry tomato is welcome to visit the Rijk Zwaan stand at Fruit Logistica 5-7 February in Berlin.

“We will be presenting Reddery RZ along with a number of packaging ideas at this year’s Fruit Logistica. We’re looking forward to talking to partners, retailers, traders and growers to explore the possibilities of Reddery RZ together,” comments Johan Vis, Marketing Specialist Tomato at Rijk Zwaan.

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