The story of Sven Henze

“More chain collaboration will help us to strengthen our position.”

Sven Henze is purchasing manager for fresh fruit and vegetables at Udea BV, an organic wholesaler that supplies a complete range of organic food products. Among the company’s top priorities are honest collaboration and continuity. “I really enjoy our collaboration with organic farmers and growers: promises are lived up to and there are lots of long-term relationships between suppliers and customers. As Udea we can depend on good products, and growers know they receive a fair price from us.”

Make good use

“Looking to the future, we see breeding companies such as Rijk Zwaan playing an ever-bigger role. They have a very broad view of the possibilities that varieties offer, both now and in the years ahead. By this I mean flavour and resistances, for example, both of which I consider to be important pillars for the future.”

“Together with our growers and other partners, we ultimately want to strengthen the position of the organic supermarket. Transparency plays an important role in this. We – the sector as a whole – must keep telling and showing consumers that we supply good, honest products, with respect for humans and the environment. Furthermore, we will of course continue to work on quality, while maintaining a good balance between appearance and shelf life. We can make good use of Rijk Zwaan’s knowledge in that respect too. At the end of the day we share a common goal, and that goal is also the basis for Udea’s motto: putting organic within everyone’s reach and working together to create a healthier world.”