The story of Alberto

Healthy dark-green newcomer puts green beans back on the map

For many people, green beans bring back happy childhood memories. With Faiza RZ and Farelia RZ (17-300), Rijk Zwaan now offers a sweeter, dark-green alternative to this authentic vegetable. Moreover, these two varieties are much easier to prepare than traditional green beans.


“Consumer taste tests have revealed that these varieties stand out thanks to their sweeter flavour and firm bite. The intense green colour makes them particularly eye-catching, These new varieties are also rich in nutrients – they contain more carotene and vitamin K. And because they are stringless, they are much easier to work with in the kitchen too. They can even be microwaved,” says Alberto Cuadrado Salmeron, Chain Manager at Rijk Zwaan Iberica, summing up the consumer benefits.

From traditional into trendy

In southern Europe, growers and retailers alike are interested in the new green beans because of their colour, high yield, opportunities for year-round production and long shelf life. “We’re initially focusing on the French and Spanish markets with these varieties, and then on Germany. This darker-green bean has all the right ingredients to become a success, even among the younger generation. It might even evolve from a traditional vegetable into a trendy one.”