Interview with Windset Farms®

‘Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes’

‘Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes’

Windset Farms® has a passion for fresh. The Canadian company only selects the best tasting, most beautiful products for its customers. That’s why they choose to grow the bright lemon-yellow tomato Blenny RZ and the brown grape tomato Chromis RZ. These are both part of Rijk Zwaan’s Snack Tomato Medley, highlighted in their Colourful Life theme. “Beautiful colours attract consumers, and great taste keeps them coming back for more,” comments Fons Aldenzee, Chief Growing Officer at Windset Farms®. “We grow our tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries and specialty items to the highest standards of sustainability and food safety - naturally grown, delicious, and nutrient-rich year-round”, he says.

‘Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes’

Beautiful tomatoes

Growing its products in British Columbia, California, and Mexico, Windset Farms® markets well over 1,000 acres of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) grown produce throughout Western Canada, the US, and Japan.  By continually seeking the most applicable technologies for each of their facilities and crops and more importantly finding and working with the best people, founders John and Steven Newell (see picture) have grown Windset Farms® from humble beginnings into a leading edge CEA company. “We’re so proud to be able to work with our incredible team at Windset, our partner growers, and Rijk Zwaan to bring such beautiful tomatoes such as Blenny RZ and Chromis RZ to market”, says Steven Newell, CEO at Windset Farms®.  “What makes this more exciting is that we do this year round,” he comments.

Collection of flavours and colours

One item in Windset Farms®’ extensive lineup of branded tomato products is Symphony® Tomato Ensemble, which brings together a collection of flavours, textures and colours. A perfect example of a product benefitting from containing the snacking tomatoes from Rijk Zwaan, Blenny RZ and Chromis RZ. “We are constantly reviewing and updating what goes into this package. Only the best tasting, most beautiful varieties are selected, including Blenny RZ for its bright lemon-yellow colour and its strength against mildew and splits and Chromis RZ for its rich brown colour, its mini plum shape, high brix, and its great taste,” explains Aldenzee.

‘Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes’

Successful combination of colour and taste

Attractive fresh products like the medley tomatoes are more vital than ever, Aldenzee states: “Health and wellness have never been more relevant than they are right now. Many studies have shown how important it is to have a diet that incorporates plenty of fruits and vegetables to maintain a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Colourful vegetables can help with that. When consumers shop, they are drawn to the gorgeous colours and shapes and keep coming back for more after they taste them.”

‘Customers are drawn to the gorgeous colours of these snacking tomatoes’

Trendsetting recipes on TikTok

Shiho Uzawa, marketing manager at Windset Farms®, is convinced that the market for colourful tomatoes will continue to grow: “These tomatoes are being enjoyed across all generations. Whether it’s millennials using them in trendsetting recipes on TikTok, or kids munching on them from their lunch boxes – everyone wants a taste,” she says.  Meanwhile, at Windset Farms® they are constantly trying new varieties to find something that is even better than the current offerings. “Rijk Zwaan has well-respected and trusted R&D and breeding teams, and we always want to be on the front line of trying their new material. We look forward to our continued partnership with Rijk Zwaan and to work with them to bring our customers the most exciting items to market. We have a shared passion for fresh and for a healthy future,” Uzawa states.

Rijk Zwaan’s palette of colourful vegetables is in the spotlight

About Rijk Zwaan’s Colourful Life theme

To stimulate retailers, traders and other chain partners all over the world to add more colour in the fresh produce category, Rijk Zwaan will showcase its colourful palette of bright, healthy and inspiring vegetables at a series of international events, including our Hydroponic Demo in Fijnaart (Weeks 5 and 6), studio meetings live from our Retail Center in Berlin (Week 6), our Open-field Demo in Spain (Week 7) and Fruit Logistica 5-7 April in Berlin (Week 14). Come and talk to us, either in person or online via live studio meetings!