16 Apr 2021

Rijk Zwaan organises brand-enhancing studio meetings with its Sweet Palermo partners

Rijk Zwaan stays in close contact with its partners to exchange knowledge and provide them with valuable new market insights into current and future needs. Initiatives such as studio-based meetings help Rijk Zwaan to further develop the Sweet Palermo brand. Rijk Zwaan recently held a series of studio meetings with its Sweet Palermo partners in Israel and the Netherlands, and Germany and Poland are the next countries on the agenda. These meetings are perfect examples of brand-enhancing collaboration.

Outstanding varieties supported by a brand

Thanks to our intensive breeding programme at Rijk Zwaan, we are able to continuously develop new high-quality Sweet Palermo varieties. However, successful breeding is only one step in the process of building a strong brand, close collaboration with our partners is equally important. Together, by sharing insights into market trends and consumer behaviour, we can define the right strategy and create effective campaigns.

Sweet Palermo is aligned with consumer expectations

Rijk Zwaan conducts intensive research into both the retail market and consumer trends. We share our findings with our partners – the growers – during the studio meetings, while simultaneously hearing about their experiences of cultivating the Sweet Palermo varieties. As a result, retailers and consumers ultimately benefit from these meetings too, as they lead to products that are better aligned with their expectations and preferences.

More information about Sweet Palermo

We will continue to organise brand-enhancing meetings with our Sweet Palermo partners worldwide to support our brand development activities. If you would like to learn more about the partner meetings or to receive additional information about Sweet Palermo, please contact Heleen van Rijn-Wassenaar, Specialist Marketing Cucumber & Pepper at Rijk Zwaan.

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