19 Jan 2022

Rijk Zwaan’s Hydroponics Demo - The Netherlands

As in previous years, Rijk Zwaan’s Hydro Demo in Fijnaart is on the agenda again this year, running from 31 January to 11 February 2022. This demo will showcase the company’s wide choice of innovative and colourful lettuce varieties that have been specifically bred for hydroponic cultivation systems. From the eye-catching Salatrio and Salanova® Teenleaf concepts to crispy, juicy Crunchy Lettuce, the range caters to all tastes.

Colourful hydroponics range

As part of Rijk Zwaan's overarching ‘Colourful Life’ theme, the colourful hydroponic varieties will be firmly in the spotlight during this year’s Hydro Demo. The displays will be based around three main hydroponic concepts: 1) A number of new Salatrio combinations, providing consumers with a delightfully colourful lettuce bouquet featuring an abundance of equally-sized and one-cut-ready leaves, 2) High-density Salanova Teenleaf – the machine-harvestable and ready-to-eat hydroponic lettuce which is available in a wide range of attractive colours, textures and leaf shapes, and 3) Multiple Romaine and Crunchy Lettuce varieties, which meet the demand for hydroponically grown sweet and Crunchy Lettuce types while also offering good weights and tip burn tolerance.

Colourful and innovative hydroponic range

The Rijk Zwaan team members are looking forward to present all of the company's colourful and innovative lettuce concepts that are in the spotlight at the demo. In addition, Rijk Zwaan is eager to inspire industry professionals with the broad hydroponic range.

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