06 Nov 2019

The perfect lettuce is now available for any salad, burger or lettuce blend

Lettuce is one of the most widely eaten vegetables in the world. It is in the top 10 in the USA, and even holds the number-one spot in a number of countries in northern Europe. Lettuce is so versatile that its use is definitely not limited to salads. It is also an unmissable ingredient in hamburgers, sandwiches and convenience concepts, for example. With the right type of lettuce or extended shelf-life variety, you’re assured of success every time. But how can you choose the perfect lettuce? Rijk Zwaan’s lettuce specialists can help.

Flavour first

Thanks to the extension of the lettuce category, there is now plenty of choice in terms of flavour. In summer salads, consumers prefer a refreshing, slightly sweet taste, in which case crispy cos, butterhead lettuce or lollo bionda are ideal. In the autumn or winter, multicoloured leaves with a nutty flavour are more suitable, such as oakleaf lettuce or red butterhead lettuce. Needless to say, besides the taste shoppers also take the shelf life, appearance, ‘bite’ and convenience into account when deciding what to buy.

Caesar salad made with fresh cos lettuce

Consumers focus on the same characteristics when eating out too. A tasty fresh salad is becoming an increasingly popular choice as an ‘on the go’ snack, for example. The Caesar salad is the undisputed champion in the catering and foodservice sector, but it is very difficult to keep the salad looking fresh and appealing. Knox™ cos lettuce – which is also known as romaine lettuce – is much slower to turn pink around the edges, which ensures that the Caesar salad remains tasty right to the very last leaf. [Read this article to learn more about the Caesar salad and how Knox™ keeps it looking fresh.]

A crunch in every bite

The hamburger is another favourite when people are out and about, and where would this good-old snack be without lettuce? Above all, the lettuce used in a hamburger must have a crunchy ‘bite’ and retain its fresh appearance without discolouration. Thanks to Knox™ iceberg lettuce, consumers can enjoy a crunch in every bite, while businesses can depend on a long shelf life.

Colourful creations on a plate

Besides the perfect lettuce for all these popular snacks, lettuce specialist Rijk Zwaan also offers a comprehensive line of lettuce types for use in pre-packed salads. For grocery retailers and foodservice companies, it is important that a wide range of types and colours are available and that the lettuce is easy to process and stays fresh for as long as possible. Salanova® (‘one cut, ready’) lettuce with Knox™ meets all of these needs; after the head of lettuce has separated into dozens of evenly sized leaves with just one slice of the knife, KnoxTM then delays pinking. With ten different types of this delicious lettuce to choose from, there are endless possibilities for colourful creations on a plate.

Year-round options for all climate zones

So the extensive range of lettuces with Knox™ offers solutions to meet the various needs of consumers, foodservice businesses, grocery retailers and processing companies. Moreover, the wide assortment for all climate zones around the world enables growers to produce and supply lettuce all year round. Would you like to discuss which lettuce variety is most suitable for your product range? The Rijk Zwaan lettuce specialists are happy to help. That’s how we share a healthy future.