31 May 2022

Many new and colourful vegetable varieties to behold at the upcoming Rijk Zwaan demos

Rijk Zwaan’s Hydroponics Leaf and Outdoor demos are on the agenda again in June, showcasing the vegetable breeding company’s new, colourful and high-tech vegetable varieties. In fact, both demos will run in parallel from 13-24 June, with the Outdoor demo then continuing until 1 July. During the Hydroponics Leaf Demo, Rijk Zwaan’s living lettuce concepts Salatrio® and Salanova® will be put in the spotlight. Other eye-catchers will be the company’s high-density Salanova Teenleaf and a new variety with burger-sized lettuce leaves. Meanwhile, the Outdoor Demo will highlight Rijk Zwaan’s extensive range of leafy varieties and the attractive cauliflower varieties with magnetising colours and shapes.

Hydroponics Leaf Demo in Dinteloord

This year’s displays will be based around three main hydroponic lettuce concepts: 1) The appealing and versatile combinations of Salatrio – a colourful living lettuce concept featuring an abundance of tasty leaves, enabling retailers to add more colour and diversity to the shelf and attract shoppers from across the store; 2) High-density Salanova Teenleaf – an entire range of mid-sized leaf varieties that are machine harvestable and available in a wide choice of attractive colours, textures and leaf shapes; and 3) Rijk Zwaan’s burger leaf variety with a high count of burger-sized leaves that can easily withstand heat and acidity. Furthermore, Rijk Zwaan is looking forward to welcoming visitors to its new and inspiring location in Dinteloord for valuable and stimulating discussions regarding existing and new hydroponic projects.

Outdoor Demo in Fijnaart

In parallel with the Hydroponics Leaf Demo, Rijk Zwaan will also organise its Outdoor Demo to showcase its extensive range of leafy varieties. Besides that, the company will present its colourful cauliflower varieties with magnetising colours and shapes. Still on the topic of brassicas, Rijk Zwaan’s innovative Pb Defense varieties are another of the high points at the demo. These include cauliflower varieties with strong resistance against clubroot.

Meet us in Fijnaart and Dinteloord

The Rijk Zwaan team members are looking forward to welcoming industry professionals to the demos to present the highlights and inspire them with the broad range of varieties suitable for hydroponics and/or soil. For both demos, visitors are recommended to schedule a meeting in advance so that the visit can be tailored to their needs.

Schedule a meeting

To visit the Hydroponics Leaf Demo and the Outdoor Demo, please send an email to: secretariaatrznl@rijkzwaan.nl