06 Apr 2023

Discussing the success of Verdon RZ at Foothill Greenhouses

The latest video in Rijk Zwaan’s ‘The future is sky’ series features the Canadian grower Foothill Greenhouses. In the video, the two companies discuss their partnership and Foothill’s experiences with its main cucumber variety for summer, Verdon RZ.

Verdon RZ: CGMMV-resistant cucumber variety

In the video, Trevor Voorberg talks about his experiences with this cucumber variety. “Currently, Verdon is our main summer variety,” he says. “Verdon really stands up and it just has more resilience than other varieties that we have tested before. I appreciate the green mottle resistance; it is exactly what you need in the heat of the summer.”

Partnership with Foothill Greenhouses

Rijk Zwaan truly values collaboration. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue with growers, the company can anticipate new challenges in changing cultivation conditions. In the context of Foothill’s partnership with Rijk Zwaan, Trevor comments: “We have been collaborating with Rijk Zwaan for decades. I really appreciate it and notice it in our trialling especially. We look for synergies between varieties and organisations.”

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