28 May 2018

‘Room in the market for fresh-cut salads and vegetables’

What are the latest convenience-related trends and developments? At the European Convenience Forum in Hamburg, Germany, on 7 June 2018, experts from all over Europe will be answering this question – and they will include Bauke van Lenteren, Marketing and Business Development Specialist Convenience and Leafies from the Dutch vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan.

Room for growth

In her introduction to international trends in fresh-cut vegetables, Van Lenteren will be outlining the major differences between countries around the world when it comes to convenience. In the Netherlands the convenience trend originally started with bags of pre-cut vegetables and it has evolved from there. The USA and UK are mature markets that are primarily focused on salads. In contrast, Germany is a young but rapidly emerging market. Van Lenteren: “There is definitely room for growth, including in the mature markets. After all, convenience is not just about making things easier; it can also inspire consumers to become more versatile in their approach to food.” 

KnoxTM and Salanova®

She will also be providing examples of how Rijk Zwaan, the market leader in lettuce, is continually innovating to capitalise on market opportunities and remove any potential obstacles. One example of this is KnoxTM, the trait that delays pinking in fresh-cut lettuce. Another example is Salanova® lettuce which grows in such a way that 100% of its leaves are usable, even when the lettuce is harvested mechanically. The seed company also invests in innovation in other crops, such as to breed small-cavity cucumbers and melons. All of these advancements help to reduce food waste.

Sharing a healthy future

In her presentation, the marketing specialist will also emphasise Rijk Zwaan’s commitment to chain collaboration in line with the company motto, ‘Sharing a healthy future’. Van Lenteren wholeheartedly encourages growers, vegetable processing companies, wholesalers and retailers to meet the team of Rijk Zwaan specialists during the conference and discuss any convenience-related issues. Jürgen Parschau, Rijk Zwaan’s convenience specialist in Germany, will also be present to exchange thoughts with local partners.

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