Demo Days Fijnaart 2021 - Hydroponics

20 September - 1 October Fijnaart, Nederland

A warm welcome to our Hydro Demo, which is taking place from 20 September to 1 October 2021, close to our Open-Field Demo in Fijnaart. We are expecting it to attract just as much interest as our very first Hydro Demo that was held in June of this year. A new highlight at this autumn demo is cos lettuce for hydroponic production.

Broad hydroponics range
We are presenting 50 of our lettuce varieties that are extremely suitable for hydroponic production, ranging from babyleaf to whole-head lettuces. The Teenleafs – loose-leaf lettuces for mechanical harvesting – are an important part of this demo. We are also proud to display a number of new Salatrio combinations, plus we are presenting our hydroponic varieties of cos lettuce for the first time.

Clear view
The demo varieties have been planted at regular intervals over a period of time to provide a clear view of their various growth stages. The gutters are just two metres wide, which enables you to assess the plants thoroughly.

Safety first
When visiting the demo, you can rest assured that we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure a COVID-proof and successful event. By hosting only small groups, we create a safer experience plus we are able to pay personal attention to your interests and needs. We wish you an inspiring visit! Kind regards, On behalf of the management team of Rijk Zwaan Nederland B.V.

We wish you an inspiring visit!

For more informatio check: Hydroponics solutions.