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Stories - 21-03-2024

These seven brassica specialties tick the right boxes

New brassica trends often start in Asia and the USA, according to Michael Kreitz, Crop Coordinator Cauliflower and Kohlrabi at Rijk Zwaan. But the popularity of novelties like green or white Romanesco and purple cauliflower is not limited to trending markets; they also add value in traditional markets. He highlights seven interesting Rijk Zwaan brassica specialties that tick the most important boxes.

Adding value

“When we offer brassica specialities in unusual colours, shapes or types, we make sure that they also add value in the market. This can be a resistance stack, dual- or multipurpose use, convenience throughout the value chain or, last but not least, the best product-market combination to safeguard a successful harvest,” Michael explains.

Two versatile green Romanesco types

The green Romanesco Puntoverde RZ (26-701 RZ) is a good example of an added-value variety. “It is a versatile variety for the entire growing season within moderate climates throughout the world. The unique selling points of Romanesco Delaverde RZ for traditional cultivation areas are its very pronounced florets and flexible peaks,” he says.


One purple and two strong green cauliflowers

Third on this list is purple cauliflower Lavender RZ: “This is a multipurpose cauliflower for spring, summer and autumn. And it retains its bright colour after cooking.”

When it comes to green cauliflowers, Rijk Zwaan offers two strong varieties. “Vitaverde RZ is our standard green cauliflower for all production areas globally. This variety is great for both fresh and processing purposes. Gilverde RZ is our green cauliflower with a stable quality in winter.”

Lavender RZ

Vitaverde RZ

Two new white Romanesco types

Whitaker RZ and Pontblanc RZ are two newly released white Romanesco types. “This duo combines very easy harvesting with an outstanding appearance. We are currently performing large-scale trials with our customers. These white Romanesco types are being launched from now onwards, starting in Brazil and the USA.”

Inspiring the entire food chain

So what can customers expect from Rijk Zwaan’s brassicas in the ‘fresh future’? “We´ll continue to come up with new solutions – not only by diversifying, but also by innovating our crop portfolio to meet changing market demands and inspire the entire food chain,” states Michael.

‘Freshly Forward, from Foundation to Future’ – this is the theme Rijk Zwaan has chosen for tackling today’s challenges, together with its partners. Find out more about our brassica specialties and contact your local representative.

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For questions please contact
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Crop Co-ordinator Cauliflower & Kohlrabi