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The organic highlights on the American market

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Rijk Zwaan colleagues Merek Dorf and David Perie visited the PMA Fresh Summit in Anaheim, California, last month. Surrounded by an abundance of fruit and vegetables, they were specifically on the lookout for the latest trends in organics. What did they see, and what was new and surprising? Read about their findings in this blog.


“There is definitely a strong growth trend in the market for organic fruits and vegetables right now, and this was reflected at the event in the shape of organic packaging as well as products. It was also impossible to miss the focus on sustainability, which actually went further than just sustainable production; aspects such as employee well-being and the protecting the environment were also highlighted at the fair.

In terms of products, some of the most interesting highlights included:

  • Compostable tomato packaging
  • Cucumbers without plastic sleeves
  • Organic salad blends (including products like cabbage, lettuce, spinach, rocket, kohlrabi, radish, sprouts and seeds)

One notable strategic insight is that the growth in demand is no longer coming only from upper/middle-class consumers, but also from families on a more limited income. Rather than being ‘special’, organic is now increasingly becoming a regular part of everyday life. It seems as if there is a shift towards making healthy, convenient food such as fruit, vegetables and vegetable-based products accessible to everyone, regardless of their demographic.

Over the coming weeks, our colleagues will attend more events like PMA to keep an eye on the latest trends. Stay tuned for more information.

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