The story of Niek

'Continuity is important to us'

niek van den boer sponsoring

Niek van den Boer has been organising the annual Rijk Zwaan Run for the past 11 years. Continuity is important to him, which is why he is so appreciative of our sponsorship. The Rijk Zwaan name has been associated with the run through the Westland region for the past 19 years.

Rijk Zwaan Run

Every September, around 700 adults and 150 children from across the region gather at the starting line of the Rijk Zwaan Run to run through Westland, the Netherlands’ horticultural region. As well as past greenhouses, the route also takes them through local villages and woodlands.

Two decades

“We strive to encourage every runner in and around the Westland region to take part, which is why we promote the run in all the nearby villages and at every athletics club in the region. Our professional approach is a good fit with Rijk Zwaan. Even so, the sponsorship is definitely not a dead cert; we have to renew the agreement every three years. But Rijk Zwaan has been our main sponsor for nearly two decades, and the run has borne the company name all that time. That continuity is important for us.”

Snack vegetables

“Many of our runners get involved as part of living a healthy lifestyle, and that’s closely aligned with the healthy food that Rijk Zwaan supplies. Besides that, Rijk Zwaan makes a point of supporting good causes in the local community of its workforce. There’s always a lot of Rijk Zwaan employees, and even some directors, taking part in the race. We make it easy for them to sign up and they are clearly identifiable as a group. There’s also a stall along the route providing fresh snack vegetables by Rijk Zwaan. The run has become almost inextricably linked with Rijk Zwaan.”

Niek van den Boer enjoys being involved in an event that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle. We share his ambition by supporting local sport-related events that also encourage children to participate, in line with our mission of Sharing a healthy future.