John Richards, Farm Manager at Riverford Organic Vegetables Ltd in the United Kingdom

“Rijk Zwaan’s innovative products enable diverse & colourful box schemes”


Box schemes have always been popular in the UK. After a dip because of the economic recession, box scheme companies are now seeing their weekly number of boxes and their turnover increasing. In the UK, organic-vegetable box schemes have increased in popularity over the past few years. This is due to a change in consumer attitudes to how food is sourced coupled with the hectic pace of modern life.

Optimal respond to the trend

Today, many people want fresh, high-quality food that is produced in a sustainable and responsible way. Box schemes optimally fill this trend. The boxes contain a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables produced by the box scheme companies and their affiliated growers. Many suppliers are more than happy to tailor to the contents to individual needs. Some smaller organic farmers operate their own box schemes locally. The boxes are delivered to customers’ homes or to a nearby pick-up point on a weekly basis. Many of the boxes also include recipe ideas to provide a little extra inspiration. 

The box schemes are continually evolving. Box scheme operators have access to a diverse base of customers who are keen to try new things, giving growers the perfect opportunity to try out their latest innovations. Furthermore, the flexible nature of the contents themselves enables box scheme companies to rapidly respond to market trends. Some growers now produce a box of products specifically for juicing, for example. Box schemes are becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands, too, as consumers increasingly appreciate having fresh local products, sourced from the farmer down the road, delivered to their doorstep.