Crunchy Lettuce

Iceberg and cos are popular lettuce types that both achieve high consumption levels around the world. However, food retailers and processing companies continually demand innovation. Our breeding team rose to the challenge to combine the best traits of both types in a single lettuce in order to surprise consumers with a new product: Crunchy Lettuce. Rijk Zwaan supports and advises growers and customers in terms of production, processing and marketing.

Soon after, our breeding team expanded the Crunchy Lettuce assortment and introduced new family members. Read on to learn more about these and the benefits they have to offer.

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Meet the Crunchy Lettuce family

Crunchy Lettuce, the premium sweet lettuce with a bite, is available from baby to Large Crunchy. This lettuce can be used for multiple purposes, besides being a very juicy, sweet tasty lettuce ingredient for salads, the lettuce spoons are also very attractive as Snack and Wrap Lettuce. Its shelf life is a great feature.

Snack Lettuce

These Mini Crunchy Lettuce varieties have some unique characteristics such as a distinctive spoon shape, fresh crunchy leaves and an excellent flavour, which is ideal for all types of fillings. These conveniently-sized baby crunchies can be marketed under the Snack and Wrap label and are an ideal solution for retail and food service. This snack-sized lettuce is adding excitement to retail shelves and inspires consumers to enjoy lettuce in other tasty ways and moments, such as tapas and breadless wraps. For more information, please visit the Snack Lettuce website.

Snack Lettuce: a revolutionary concept

Snack Lettuce is an ideal solution for retail and food service. This snack-sized lettuce is adding excitement to retail shelves and inspires consumers to enjoy lettuce in other tasty ways and moments. We spoke about this revolutionary lettuce concept with Miguel Ángel Jiménez Bosque, CEO at our proud partner JimboFresh. Read their story.

Maxi Crunchy Lettuce

Crunchy Lettuce is also available in large sizes and can be positioned either as premium and more nutritious iceberg or Crunchier Romaine Lettuce. Either way, it will boost the whole lettuce category due to its attractive, fresh green appearance. Furthermore, there is no need to use plastic, thanks to its great shelf life. Crunchy lettuce has countless new serving possibilities for food service. Thanks to its strong texture, Crunchy Lettuce stays firm on a juicy burger and crisp in a fresh salad.

Benefits Crunchy Lettuce Family

Crunchy Lettuce offers advantages for growers, foodservice customers, processing companies, retailers and consumers. Benefits of Crunchy Lettuce include:

  • Extreme versatile for the hobby and professional chef
  • Remains crunchy even under warm or acidic conditions
  • Extension to the lettuce category and new positioning help to boost profits
  • Varieties for both outdoor and indoor hydroponic cultivation
  • Suitable for mechanical harvesting of heads, hearts and loose leaves

More information about The Crunchy Lettuce Family?

Please have a look at our video or download the Crunchy Lettuce Brochure below. In case you wish to receive more detailed information, please contact Bauke van Lenteren