14 Mar 2016

Rijk Zwaan develops app for growing tips

Rijk Zwaan has launched the ‘Growing Partner app’ which will enable crop advisors and growers to exchange knowledge with one another via their smartphones.

Exclusive service

“Growing Partner is an exclusive service for Rijk Zwaan customers all over the world. Once connected, customers can react in the app to growing tips and read other users’ reactions,” explains Dennis van der Kaaij from Marketing & Business Development. “We’ve noticed that the blogs have been fulfilling a need since we started with them in 2012. The app will make it easy to use Growing Partner RZ in the greenhouse and out in the field too, thus further improving our service to our partners.”

The app is the latest step within Rijk Zwaan’s digital communication platform called Partner RZ, following on from the company’s launch of the Demo Partner app last year. You can download that app or watch a video about it

A preview of the Rijk Zwaan Growing Partner app