12 Sep 2022

Rijk Zwaan shares cucumber innovations in Canada

On 7 September, Rijk Zwaan organised a Customer Appreciation Event in Leamington, Canada, based around the theme: ‘All about cucumbers’. During the event, a panel of cucumber experts shared an interesting peek behind the scenes in various parts of the cucumber cycle. The event was attended by around 100 partners, both live and digitally.

Interactive sessions by cucumber experts

Several cucumber experts from Rijk Zwaan hosted interactive sessions during the Customer Appreciation Event. First up was Björn d’Hoop, Breeding Manager Cucumber, who shared insights into how Mother Nature helps to make plants resistant. Second to present was Marcel van Koppen, Crop Coordinator Cucumber, who among other things discussed the various spectrums of LED and their physiological effects on the plant. Thirdly, Jan de Jonge, Rijk Zwaan’s Supply Chain Specialist Cucumber, explained the process from seed production to quality testing and delivery. Last but not least was Heleen van Rijn-Wassenaar, Marketing Specialist Cucumber, who shared details about consumer preferences and factors affecting the shelf life of cucumbers.

Innovative varieties on view

The interactive sessions were followed by a tasty buffet, which created the ideal opportunity for interesting and fruitful discussions about the topics raised by the speakers. Attendees also had the chance to visit the company’s stations to view the innovative varieties and to learn more about activities such as seed production and cleaning.

Rijk Zwaan continues to support its partners

Rijk Zwaan is pleased with the success of the event and would like to thank everyone for attending. The company will continue to encourage its partners to drive their business forward. By providing them with new insights, Rijk Zwaan aims to support growers in this process and to face the future together. If you would like to receive more information about the latest developments in terms of production, breeding and market trends, please contact your local Rijk Zwaan representative.