The future is sky

We have a long history in cucumber that started back in 1937 with the breeding of our first cucumber variety. Together with growers from all over the world, we’ve been evolving ever since. We continuously conduct research into new cucumber varieties, important resistances and technical characteristics. From generation to generation, we maintain an ongoing dialogue to anticipate new challenges in changing cultivation conditions. From daring to dream, to daring to do… and always based on shared entrepreneurship and with a focus on the future. You can plant the seed yourself, but true growth is achieved together! The future is sky!

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Broad range of cucumber types for high-tech growers

We have solutions for every crop, every greenhouse and every season. Our range covers all types, from snack cucumbers to long cucumbers for both umbrella and high-wire systems. This portfolio was developed through intensive collaboration with our partners and continuous exchange of knowledge. By looking at new types and also thanks to valuable input from growers, we have consistently been able to breed the best varieties in terms of traits. Bon Defense and Blueleaf are prime examples of this.  

Shared entrepreneurship

Throughout our long history in cucumber, we have evolved and responded to the rapid developments together with growers. This partnership is symbolised by the entrepreneurial mentality that Rijk Zwaan brings to growers. From the beginning, shared entrepreneurship has been part of our DNA, as underlined by our founder, Mr Rijk Zwaan, back in 1924: “Between a seed trader and a grower should be mutual trust, and once we work together I’ve no doubt that it will lead to long-term relationships.” And we still share that conviction to this day.

From generation to generation

Our cucumber history started in 1937, meaning that our shared entrepreneurship with the first generation of cucumber growers originated 85 years ago. Since then, we have continued to support growers from generation to generation, because it is only by working together that we can we continually develop new cucumber types, resistances and traits to help growers meet the ever-changing market demands and successfully grow their business.

From daring to dream, to daring to do

Our long-term relationship of trust with growers enables us to not only dream with growers about the future, but also to dare to make choices and ultimately to do what is necessary to act on them. To show just how much this partnership means to us, over the coming period we will be sharing our expertise on industry trends and providing real-life inspiration about topical cucumber industry issues based on growers’ and breeders’ own stories in a series called 'The future is sky' series.