Ideal partnership with Rijk Zwaan and Love My Salad

Love My Salad and Take Me Home Tomatoes inspire home cooks in Thailand

The Tops supermarket chain in Thailand has been selling intensely sweet Cherry Diva tomatoes since early December under the Take Me Home Tomatoes brand. The grower and brand owner is keen for this cherry truss tomato, which is actually the Reddery RZ variety, to entice consumers in Bangkok and other cities to use tomatoes in other dishes besides just curries and soups. Love My Salad, Rijk Zwaan’s online consumer platform, is inspiring the country’s home cooks with eight delicious recipes: for Christmas, Chinese New Year or a healthy lunch.

Love My Salad

The cherry tomatoes with avocado-cream filling look very tempting, as do the caprese appetisers and other recipes. Love My Salad’s Annelies Blaauwkamer comments: “I worked together with Nickey Panadda Inkeaw from Take Me Home Tomatoes to develop the recipes. They are European rather than Thai cuisine. Nickey was keen to show people new ways of using tomatoes, such as in salads, sandwiches and on-the-go snacks. We’re sharing the recipes through the Facebook, Instagram and Line platforms. Besides that, we’ve set up a special Love My Salad page where home cooks can find blogs about healthy eating and also learn more about Thomas, Menno and Nickey’s tomato-growing company.”

Take me Home tomatoes

Market leader in tomatoes

With the Take Me Home Tomatoes brand, the grower is the market leader in Thailand. In 2004, the Dutch pioneers Thomas Ruiter and Menno Keppel founded a horticultural technology company which subsequently evolved into a company producing premium tomatoes. Rijk Zwaan’s Reddery RZ, a cherry truss tomato, is their latest addition. They chose it with good reason; it achieves a higher score than other cherry truss tomatoes in consumer research. People appreciate its good flavour, sweetness (Brix of 9.9) and firm bite, plus Reddery RZ emerged from the research as the most attractive cherry truss tomato.

Growing need for great-tasting products

News of the research findings reached the Thai tomato grower, which has been working together with vegetable breeding company Rijk Zwaan for many years. Rijk Zwaan’s Friso Klok suggested Reddery RZ to Take Me Home Tomatoes. CEO Menno Keppel: “Supermarkets in Thailand need high-quality and above all great-tasting products, plus Thai consumers are much more aware of food safety. Five years ago, attractive packaging was enough and the flavour was secondary. That’s no longer the case.”

Ideal partnership with Rijk Zwaan and Love My Salad

The flavoursome Reddery RZ variety, which the tomato grower is marketing under the name of Cherry Diva, is a good fit. Keppel: “We’re aiming to reach those customers who normally don’t like the taste of tomatoes, but who do like our Cherry Diva. The partnership with Rijk Zwaan and Love My Salad is ideal, because it enables us to launch the Cherry Diva supported by enticing new recipes.”

That’s how we share a healthy future

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