The story of Hugo

‘Consumers can grow their own fresh and sustainable lettuce’

The mission of Amazing Farm is to promote a healthier lifestyle by supplying high-quality vegetables. Together with their retail customer Ranch Market and Rijk Zwaan, they found a new and innovative way to contribute to this mission. Marketing Manager Hugo Sukarno explains the unique retail concept.

Health and safety

“Ranch Market is a supermarket chain in Indonesia focused on unique and premium-quality products. The topics of health and safety in particular are very important for its shoppers, so its hydroponically grown vegetables are very popular. After all, this cultivation system means that the crop is less susceptible to diseases and consumers can see for themselves how the product has been grown.”

Technical advice

“In early 2015 we initiated a project in which Ranch Market shoppers could harvest their own Salanova® lettuce directly from an in-store hydroponic growing system. Rijk Zwaan helped us to choose the right variety and provided technical advice, because this cultivation method was relatively new to us.”

"We launched the new concept during a store opening in Tangerang, Greater Jakarta. With great excitement, consumers picked their favourite Salanova types and put them into their shopping baskets. To support our sales, Rijk Zwaan supplied various Salanova marketing resources including leaflets, sleeves and recipe cards.”

Cooperation in the chain

“Since the introduction, we’ve encountered several different challenges in this project, such as competition, product quality and logistics. These have underlined the importance of cooperation between all the partners in the chain, from the seed producer to consumers. Ultimately, our common goal is to reach more end users and inspire them to consume more fresh and healthy vegetables.”