Stimulating vegetable consumption

Chile’s focus on a healthy lifestyle

In 2015 the Chilean government passed a law called ‘Elige Vivir Sano’ which means ‘Choose to live healthily’. This significantly boosted sales of fruit and vegetables. In conjunction with chain partners, Rijk Zwaan has successfully launched new vegetables in Chile, such as the Snackpep snack cucumber with its surprisingly crunchy bite.

Healthy lifestyle

The law came in response to alarming findings from a World Health Organization (WHO) study which revealed that 83% of deaths are linked to an unhealthy lifestyle. Since then, schools have introduced more hours of physical education and eliminated unhealthy food from their canteens, a smoking ban has been imposed in public spaces and families have been buying more fruit and vegetables.

Snack vegetables for kids

The increased focus on a healthy lifestyle has opened up lots of opportunities for new vegetables and innovative concepts, many of which are aimed at children, explains Esteban Zamora Figueroa, Specialist Sales Support at Rijk Zwaan: “In close consultation with retailers, food-service companies and growers, we’ve introduced products such as snack peppers and snack tomatoes. Our Snackpep snack cucumber campaign in partnership with retail chain Jumbo is a good example of that.”


One source of inspiration for Chilean supermarket organisations is the Rijk Zwaan Retail Center in Berlin, Germany. Zamora Figueroa: “After visiting the Retail Center, retailers themselves go in search of growers who can produce a particular variety. As Rijk Zwaan, we then draw up a contract to formalise the agreements about packaging and product quality. We also have intensive contact with the growers. That’s how Rijk Zwaan is actively contributing to Chile’s new lifestyle, in line with our mission of ‘Sharing a healthy future’.”


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